Friday, March 31, 2017

Raisin' in the Sun: Wine Grapes and Solar Power

Vigneron Gary Cox set a long-term goal of environmental sustainability for his Cox Canyon Vineyards and Ellensburg Canyon Winery in 1999, becoming the first sustainable vineyard and winery in Kittitas County, Washington USA. Recently, Cox invested in renewable energy by installing solar panels on his property to provide energy for processing his cabernet franc, riesling and malbec wine grapes. Cox's solar array comprises 85 solar panels on a portion of his 17-acre vineyard that wouldn't accommodate vines anyway. Read to full article here: Yakima Magazine Article MARCH 2017 


  1. Good read, The Solar Power is considered as the new energy for us and it is green power for the environment. We should encourage more people using it in the life.

  2. I also think that solar power is the only way forward in freeing us from dependance on fossil fuels. And I I truly believe that solar is better for the economy and every living being on this planet.