Sunday, October 12, 2014

Usonian Homes on Display at Polymath Park in Pennsylvania
Polymath Park was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice to be a small community of “Usonian” homes, Frank Lloyd Wright's concept for housing for the common people. Located in Western Pennsylvania, the 125-acre (0.51 km2) property now hosts three homes, connected by unpaved roads on a mostly wooded site. Peter Berndtson, one of the original Wright apprentices at Taliesin, created a 1962 master plan for Polymath Park that allowed for 24 dwellings to be sited in individual, circular clearings in the forest. Ultimately, only two of his home designs were built on the property and are still standing. In 2007, one of Wright’s Usonian homes was deconstructed in Illinois, relocated to the Polymath site, and then faithfully reconstructed according to Wright’s original design. Berndtson's homes are known as the Balter House (1964) and the Blum House (1965), both of which were used as summer homes for the Blum and Balter families. The good news is that you can tour these homes or stay for the night!
Polymath Park Resort

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Well-Behaved Building - Oct 8-10 NYC

Submitted by Francesca Lyman
If you're working on reducing energy and resource use and enhancing sustainability, well-being and community in buildings, the Garrison Institute has an invitation for you.  October 8 - 10 please join your fellow building owners, managers, researchers and community organizers for our annual Climate, Buildings and Behavior symposium, which deals with the human dimensions of improving building performance, including energy use behavior.  
This year's meeting, “The Well-Behaved Building: Developing Community, Well-Being and Resilience in Buildings,” explores behavioral and holistic approaches that help make buildings into thriving communities while improving efficiency. Presenters include leading building experts like Barbara Ciesla, Gina Ciganik, Rachel Gutter, John McIlwaine, Jonathan Rose and others, as well as thought leaders from relevant fields like sociologist Jenni Cross, teacher Steve Ritz, activist Alexie Torres-Fleming, resilience expert Andrew Zolli and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg
The symposium is held at the Garrison Institute, a beautiful, renovated monastery on the Hudson River an hour north of Manhattan on the MetroNorth train line.  Scholarships are available for non-profit professionals. You can learn more and register here, or call the Institute at 845-424--4800